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Welcome to the website of the company VAV elektronic, s.r.o,  provider of electronic thermostats and heating elements for electric water heaters. If you are interested in learning more about our company, please go to About Us section. We also offer to you a basic overview of our products in the Products Section. If you have any questions we are available to you on our Contacts.

Heating elements - dry, ceramic


Heating elements- wet, copper, stainless steel, galvanic metallized


EVO - 3

Smart technology in electric water heaters is a constant trend in these applications. Smart thermostat learns itself based on water usage by the customer and it sets the optimal water temperature in the electric water heater. This can save at least 15% of the cost for hot water.


Electronic thermostat E2


Product Sheet of Electronic Thermostat E2

Electronic thermostat E1


Product Sheet of Electronic Thermostat E1

Electronic thermostat ELC1


Product Sheet of Electronic Thermostat ELC1




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